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What Is TBC?

TBC stands for The Billion Coin. It is a digital currency – the new kind of money that is evolving in the world today. The fractional unit of TBC is called Kringle.

It has a vision to make a greater proportion of the worlds population to be wealthy… many of them becoming Billionaires. Plus, they are going to be a currency used by a billion people around the world.

The value of TBC rises daily as the membership grows, this is because TBC value is related to the size of its membership and NOT based on demand and supply of the coin.

Today, over 2.2million people are verified members of the global TBC community and they are still growing by many thousands more members daily. You should join this new global population as you only have much to gain and nothing to lose (unless you want to count the 2 minutes you’ll spend registering).

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And to further grow the population,

TBC is giving away over $200 worth of the coin – that is 25,000 Kringles.

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Remember, the value of your Kringles rises daily and you’ll be able to cash it in a few months time. Why miss out?





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