The World Bank Is Supporting Grassroots

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(This message is primarily targeted to residents of Ikorodu L.G.A. in Lagos State and Sango in Ogun State. Contact us to ask about other areas with the contact info below.)


About Bethany Human Development Center

Bethany is among few privileged NGOs in Nigeria accredited through social exchange market principle platform to mobilize projects/ investments across the country to be given money to empower people so as to drive such projects/investments for self reliance.

Bethany Human Development Center is working on a funding project that is intended to develop humans financially. The funding agency is a bottom-up development agency supported by the World Bank.

Bottom-up in the sense that the project is targeted at those of us at the grassroots to help move us up. Bethany H.D.C. Mission is:

To create an enabling environment for any interested individual that is incapacitated, to develop spiritually, mentally, socially and financially through continuous investment in capacity building of such individual thereby making our society a better and safer place.






The project aims to empower people of the grassroots with funding amounting from N3million to N10million. Apply for your chance today as forms are being collected FAST.



Brief Project History

The project has actually been in existence since 17 years ago but policies and other political issues delayed its commencement till this year (2017). It was finally launched in April 2017 via the Development Bank of Nigeria in Abuja.


Highlight on Development Bank of Nigeria’s InvolvementĀ 

A huge percentage of ordinary Nigerians do not have what it takes to access capital either for business start up or business standardization thereby relying on Government for source of employment. Economy of all the advanced nations are driven by people not government. Government only makes favourable policies that enable people to do such driving and that is what the government of Nigeria has done by the establishment of Development Bank Of Nigeria to create diverse opportunities for ordinary Nigerians to participate in economic diversification.




Bethany is one of the NGOs that benefited among the three NGOs handling this human mobilization project. Other mobilization groups in Nigeria include ISMA in the East and SHITTA in the North.

Each group is expected to float microfinance bank in their respective area through which the disbursement is made.

Bethany Human Development Centre (NGO) mobilizes our members various project/business all over the country through our coordinators and submit them to SOCIAL EXCHANGE MARKET where your Naira is your Labour and Productivity to be funded. Social Exchange Market are the custodian of this grant.



Beneficiaries of The Grant

Under the watch of Bethany Human Development Centre, the grant is being used to promote:

  1. Agricultural Practices with values added
  2. Production of finished goods of various kinds
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Processing of raw materials of various kinds
  5. Skill and talent driven market.

The age range is between sixteen (16) and sixty five (65)

Education is not and will never be a barrier in this project.

All necessary assistance shall be provided for any of our members who needs such especially in project execution guide steps.




Total Application and Certificate Cost is



The opportunity has come for us to explore. Your time is now.

*You will be coming in person to pick up your form.



For more details and to get your forms, contact:

08036357173; 08030726310

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